How to Upload

How to upload, and how to resize your media to fit the Enchanted Frame
  • Step 1

    Once delivered, connect your frame to your computer using the provided USB cord 🔌

  • Step 2

    Paste your photos into the pop-up folder that now appears on your desktop 💻

  • Step 3

    Unplug your frame and watch your memories unfold before your eyes 🌟

What if My Video is Not in the Right Format or Size?

Download CapCut- a free video editing app for computer. You can edit an existing video or create new videos of your own!

  • Step One

    Open Capcut and paste your video into the editor 🎥

  • Step Two

    Make all edits to video or pictures (if desired). Click on "Export" in the upper right hand corner. ↗️

  • Step Three

    copy ALL the settings seen in the image above. Click "export" one final time and upload your new video to your Enchanted Frame❤️

Looking for Another Way to Resize/Upload?

Create a TikTok video and post it to your page. Copy the link to your new tikok into SnapTik (Free downloading website tool). Download the video off SnapTik and upload the video to your Enchanted Frame